Daily Mail editorial on Rolf Harris

The Daily Mail doesn’t mince words:

One single characteristic can be found in almost all criminals: They are in love with themselves and quite unable to see why others don?t share their feelings. It is this ferocious selfishness which allows them to use, cheat, rape, rob, injure or even kill their victims. They cannot imagine the pain they cause.

The breathtaking prison letter penned by Rolf Harris is a powerful example of this problem, all the worse because it comes from the mind of a highly intelligent and talented man.

Normal people, reading his words of resentment and scorn, completely lacking in contrition, will ask: ?How on earth could he think such things, let alone put them in writing and share them with anyone?? ?

Quite possibly, if Harris had remained obscure, he might never have become such a person or committed his crimes. But in the modern world the huge power of celebrity can easily corrupt those who wield it, as we saw with Jimmy Savile and will no doubt see again.

Those who thought the case against Harris was prompted by a wave of hysteria can now see quite clearly that they were mistaken. The arrogance of this letter shows with horrible clarity that he needed to be stopped.

For his sake, as well as for the sakes of his victims, he should take this opportunity to show genuine remorse for his crimes.

This would serve the cause of justice in general, and do him no end of good.

He won’t, he is a sociopath.


– Daily Mail