Maori Television reporter deported from Israel

One of the two reporters from Maori Television on board the terror-supporting protest flotilla has been deported from Israel.

Maori Television reporter Ruwani Perera has been deported from Israel after she and cameraman Jacob Bryant were filming a story onboard a flotilla of ships detained by the Israeli military.

Perera contacted relatives on Tuesday morning (New Zealand time) via satellite phone to say she was being deported, her partner Tim Werry said.

Werry said she was safe and that she would be flying back into Auckland on July 1.

It was only a brief message, he said, and he did not hear what had happened to Perera’s colleague Bryant.

“It’s all happening so quickly,” he said.

Werry said he was initially relieved to hear the news that she had been released by the Israeli military. ?

He said he didn’t have an update on what was happening to Bryant, though he understood he was intending to travel to France to film another story next week.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) spokeswoman would not comment on the reported deportations.

The New Zealand Embassy in Ankara had been in direct contact with the Maori Television crew that were on-board the Marianne, the spokeswoman said.

“They have confirmed their arrival in Tel Aviv.”

“Arrangements are in hand for them to return to New Zealand within the next few days.”

If you can stomach some dreadful slanted media coverage watch Native Affairs from last night.

A more disgusting piece of journalism I have never seen.

The comments from the Kia Ora Gaza spokesman were bad enough but watching Maori politicians discuss the poor Palestinians and how their tino rangitiratanga has been usurped was worse, and describing them as “indigenous peoples”.

Where on earth do they think Jews came from??Does no one respect their tino rangitiratanga? Their rights as the true indigenous people of the region?

Nope, just slanted, mis-informed bile from Maori Television.


– Fairfax