Seriously? Labour picked this as a case to pimp?


Labour are on the pimping the poor bandwagon over housing but I seriously wonder if the Septic Tank has truly lost her marbles after picking this drop-kick of a case.

Families in urgent need of a state house are waiting twice as long compared to 18 months ago, Labour says.

The new figures also show an applicant waited 1,055 days to get into a house – although officials say that came after the person rejected a property because it had birds nesting in a nearby tree.

Labour’s Social Development spokeswoman Carmel Sepuloni said the information released highlighted the struggles of people who often had nowhere else to go.

“The average wait time for those in urgent need of a state house was 55 days in September 2013. New documents released under the OIA show that number had blown out to 129 days by March 2015. That’s disgraceful.

“The documents also show some people spend years trapped on the waiting list. The longest recorded time was 1,055 days. That’s a family in desperate need without a roof over their head for nearly three years.”

The most vulnerable were losing out, she said. ?

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said changes had been made to better support people in need of social housing.

“Social housing is assessed based on need, and I agree that 1,055 days is too long for a vulnerable New Zealander to wait. However, I note that in this situation two alternative properties were declined by the person who was already housed, including one they did not like because it had birds nesting in a nearby tree.”

So let’s get this straight…this bludging, whinging loser turns down a house because birds were tweeting…and then runs to Labour for them to pimp their story…and the idiot Carmel Sepuloni uses it?

Dead set stupid.

People are over these pimping the poor stories being pimped by Labour.

Seriously? It’s time some of these “most vulnerable” people had a good hot cup of concrete so they can HTFU. I’m sick of hearing able-bodied but indolent people being described as “our most vulnerable”. They aren’t. They are just bloody lazy, useless bludgers. They have turned welfare into a lifestyle.

Our truly vulnerable people are largely ignored, these people however are professional whingers, with a certificate in bludging.

Of course it is the Herald helping with the pimping…most Labour MPs have them on speed dial.


– NZ Herald