Seymour goes where Labour fears to tread

David Seymour is putting a Euthanasia Bill up to parliament.

Good. Finally someone with some stones to do what Labour through the cowardice of Maryan Street and Iain Lees-Galloway along with their leaders failed to do: put up a?bill?on?euthanasia so a proper debate can be had.

The right-to-die debate is poised to be thrust back on the political agenda as support mounts for a parliamentary inquiry.

More than a decade after Parliament was divided by a vote on voluntary euthanasia, there is cross-party support that the public deserves a fresh debate through a select committee inquiry.

It follows the death on Friday from natural causes of Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales on the same day that it was made public she had lost her bid for the courts to rule in favour of assisted suicide.

A petition due to be presented to Parliament could be the catalyst for a fresh debate on voluntary euthanasia – but the Government is refusing to say whether it would back a wide ranging inquiry. ??

ACT leader David Seymour has confirmed he is drafting a member’s bill calling for a debate on euthanaisa and will urge the Government to adopt the bill.

Seymour said the public view had changed over recent years and polls suggested most Kiwis were in favour of choice.

“Since 1995 and 2003 the world has changed quite dramatically and I believe that it’s time for Parliament to actually debate this issues.”

“This is something that has to be done right – certainly the public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour according to all the polling.”

Prime Minister John Key said assisted suicide was a conscience issue and would be best dealt with through a member’s bill.

“In the past I have personally voted for euthanasia, as I do have some sympathy for that argument.”

Well, if the Prime Minister has some sympathy for such a bill he should adopt it, and get it into the parliament pronto.

I believe such a bill will get more than 75% support of the parliament, so there should be no shilly-shallying around with it.

How many more people must suffer the indignity of a slow, painful death while politicians sit on their hands in cowardice.


– Fairfax