So what if they were paid, at least they aren’t here

Labour really does need to finally admit that people smugglers are trying to send ships and illegal immigrants here.

They have denied it for so long I don’t think they can actually see what has been revealed in the past few days.

An Indonesian police officer says he’s certain that wads of US dollars were paid by an Australian official to the crew of an asylum-seeker boat.

The investigation has broadened to Jakarta where police from Indonesia’s Anti-People Smuggling Taskforce are now trying to track the people who recruited the five crew, who were allegedly given US$5000 (NZ$7150) to take the 65 New Zealand-bound passengers back to Indonesian waters.

Local police have handed their initial findings to national police and Australian media. ??

Rote island police chief Hidayat says the evidence definitely points to the money coming from an Australian source.

“Of course we’re certain, that’s what they’ve been saying,” he said.

“Remember, we’re investigating this professionally, not making things up.”

Investigators were now focusing on the port from where the boat left, Chief Hidayat said.

So people smugglers are trying to come here. Despite Andrew Little’s claims to the contrary and there are photos of wads of US currency to prove it.

That cannot be denied now.

But now we have also found out that this policy of the Aussies to pay them to piss off was instituted under the Labor government. No wonder they didn’t ask a single question about it today in their parliament after over-egging it the day before.

But here is the problem for Labor there and Labour here.

Paying a couple of grand here or there to get their rust buckets turned around is a whole lot cheaper than housing these ratbags at the cost of millions upon millions of dollars.

If the left-wing don’t like that then the only real alternative is sinking them with gunfire, and I’m sure Andrew Little isn’t advocating that.