Alarming rise in reporting about inequality, it’s a hockey stick I tell you

Peter Cresswell blogs at Not PC.

Firstly a bit of history and some facts. Inequality is not rising.

The last few years have shown a sharp rise in the number of newspaper articles devoted to inequality. ? Inequality is clearly seen as a serious and rising problem.The only problem with that is that the data says otherwise.

Yeah…not rising.

Work by both the Ministry for Social Development and Treasury shows that while inequality rose through the reforms of the late 80s and early 90s, it since plateaued or even dropped. The Ministry of Social Development concluded that there has been no rise or fall in income inequality in the last twenty years across a range of measures.

Treasury work by Christopher Ball and John Creedy found, in addition to a mild decline in Gini measures of income inequality since 2001, there has been substantial reduction in consumption inequality. Inequality in consumption has, since 2010, been rising mildly, but is currently below 1984?s level.

What is rising though is the media pimping the poor to set a narrative:

Yet as inequality has either flattened or declined, media conversations about rising inequality has exploded ? as the graph below comparing media mentions with the actual data. Clearly, their campaigning against rising inequality may be motivated by many things, but one of them is not the evidence ?


Here is a video?explaining that chart:

Are the media manipulating the narrative?

Of course they are…I call it Pimping the Poor and it seems I have been right all along.

it seems that like the anti-sugar/fat/salt troughers there is a vest group of interested parties that have to pimp the poor in order to “solve” problems that simply don’t exist anywhere other than their imaginations.

The facts and?data do not support their claims, yet the media…who are supposed to be the investigative and questioning voice of the population are simply repeating the narrative sent out by these vested interests.

No wonder people don’t trust journalists and rate hookers consistently higher than them or politicians.


– Not PC