Eating kereru ‘appropriate…’ – Hone Harawira

via ODT

via ODT

Now he would say that. ?He’s the epitome of one law for all, and one law for Maori.

The leader of the Mana Movement Hone Harawira says it is appropriate for kereru to be eaten on special occasions.

The native pigeon was served at an iwi leaders’ hui on an Ohakune marae in 2013 and Government ministers were among the guests.

Mr Harawira said on very special occasions eating kereru was fine.

“It’s been going on since time immemorial. As far as I know it’s not an accepted practice to just go out and get kereru, but when the occasion arrives, when a very special occasion arises, then it is appropriate and it is acceptable.”

Mr Harawira said the bird should stay a protected species.

Just like driving without a license on occasion is fine.

If anyone thinks we do not have apartheid in this country, I have a bridge to sell. ?In fact, about ten bridges, and they’re all in Northland.