Face of the day

Today’s face of the day Sadiq Khan has a unique campaign message. The gist of it is, that if you want the Mob terrorists to stop their stand over tactics terrorist attacks in London you should elect a Mob boss Muslim Mayor.

Okay, okay I am being a bit dramatic saying that. His campaign message is more like, send the nasty terrorists a message by electing me. What do you think that message would be? Do you really think that Islamic terrorists would spare London because it has a Muslim Mayor? Remember the Muslim security guard shot in cold blood in France as he lay wounded on the ground looking up at his attacker?

Prospective Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has made ?sending a message? to ?haters? in Iraq and Syria part of his campaign message, as he claims having a Muslim mayor ?would speak volumes? to would-be terrorists abroad.

Khan?s comments are dutifully reported by?The Guardian, which suggests having a Muslim mayor would be ?helpful? ? citing the Tunisia attack of this week and the 7/7 attacks of 2005 as proof, as if any were needed. Khan said because the 7/7 bombers were against British values, electing a Muslim mayor would?send a ?phenomenal message? to terrorists. He told?The Guardian:

?If Londoners decided to do that, the message it would send to the rest of the world would be quite awesome.?The reality is that we are a beacon in all sorts of ways. I think it?s just worth thinking about the impact it could have. It shows the confidence of Londoners ? that we don?t simply tolerate but respect each other.

?The idea that the mayor of London could be son of an immigrant, son of a bus driver, ethnic minority ? and by the way, of Islamic faith ? would speak volumes, particularly when you bear in mind 10 years ago these four men wanted to destroy our way of life.

?What sort of message would it send if Londoners had the confidence, tolerance and respect to vote for someone of a different faith [from most of them]? I?m a Londoner first and foremost, but it would show the haters in Iraq and the haters in Syria what sort of country we are: a beacon. And I think the reality is sometimes you need cool, calm voices, which is what I?d hope to provide?.

Khan praised Conservative prime minister David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May?s approach to terrorism, as they did not lay responsibility for attacks at the door of the British Muslim population. He contrasted that soft approach to that of former Labour prime minister Tony Blair, remarking:

?One of my criticisms of Tony Blair was when he called the four MPs of Islamic faith into No 10 and sat us round the table and said ? to Mohammad Sarwar, Khalid Mahmood, Shahid Malik and myself ? it was our responsibility.

?I said: ?No, it?s not. Why have you called us in? I don?t blame you for the Ku Klux Klan. Why are you blaming me for the four bombers on 7/7?? Which is why, after he called us in, and there were lots of cameras outside waiting to speak to us, my three colleagues spoke to the cameras and I walked away. This is a problem that is a mainstream problem for us all?.


Of course what he fails to realise is that by saying that he has undermined his own argument for electing him. If he has nothing to do with the ?haters? in Iraq and Syria ( his words ) and he denies that Islamic terrorism is a problem that belongs to those who follow Islam, then he cannot claim that a Muslim Mayor is going to protect Londoners. If the problem is a mainstream problem then who the Mayor is will make no difference to the terrorists unless of course it just reinforces to them that Londoners are are?? ‘tolerant ‘ and therefore an easy target.