Key wants a new flag, but has no courage to tackle a popular new law

John?Key wants a new flag, but has lacks the?courage to tackle a popular new law, one that a huge majority of people want.

A poll has shown more than 70 percent of people believe the law should be changed to allow voluntary euthanasia, but the Government isn’t going to change its position.

The 3 News/Reid Research poll called the question Lecretia’s choice. Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales died from a brain tumour in June just hours after her family was told the High Court had ruled against her bid to choose when she could die.

The poll showed 71 percent wanted the law change while 24 percent opposed it.?

Prime Minister John Key was asked whether he would put it on the Government’s agenda.

“I won’t change the law on my own,” he said.

“If it goes through the members’ process and there’s a good and considered piece of legislation, I would vote for it.”

A member’s bill can be drafted by any MP and put into the ballot, or Parliament could agree to debate it without it being drawn.

It would cost stuff all extra to whack a couple of extra questions onto the ballot, one for euthanasia and one for legalisation of cannabis.


– 3 News