Looks like the Daily Mail is taking instruction from the Herald

The Daily Mail has a story about Ohura…one which gets pretty much everything wrong about the place.

It’s almost like they swapped staff with the NZ Herald for the story.


Where to start?

Only accessible by a dirt track? Nope, Ohura Road joins State Highway 4 near Taumaranui. It is sealed the whole way, and you can drive west to the Taranaki coast at Ahititi or south and join State Highway 43 down through Whangamomona (which really is remote) down to Stratford. It’s nowhere near a dirt track. ?

Living without electricity? Again nope…check out street view on Google Maps (you know those cars that travel on roads not dirt tracks). There are power poles and transformers in the streets…strange street furniture for a town that used to?house a prison, and has no power. The fact that it is on Google Street View suggests it isn’t as lost as the Daily Mail might like it to be.


And that is just from the title and headings of the story.

It’s the tiny town with a population of just 120 people where there is next to no power, internet, or jobs- where time almost stands still.

Tucked away on the banks of the Mangaroa River in the South Island of New Zealand, more than 40 kilometres from civilisation and only accessible by a dirt path, is the town of Ohura.

An enclave of low-cost truck homes and ancient shops that rarely open, Ohura has all but been abandoned by the government, leaving the dwindling town- and the people who live there- to their own devices.

Oh dear…Clearly being coached by the Herald. The Mangaroa River is:

a tributary of the Ohura River which is a tributary of the Whanganui River.

It isn’t in the South Island, it is in the North Island smack bang in the middle of the King Country. It certainly isn’t only accessible by a dirt path…as there are three major roads that join near Ohura linking the town with North Taranaki, South Taranaki and Taumaranui.

The stupid reporter even linked to an article in the Herald which unusually is pretty factual. Yet they don’t seem to have bothered to even cut/paste those.

Apparently one person there cycles the 48 kilometres to a place called “Tamaranui”. Coincidentally there is a town in the North Island called Taumaranui that is 48 kilometres from Ohura…on sealed roads.

All in all a pretty shabby story by the Daily Mail.

– Daily Mail