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When I saw that submissions were open for the?Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Bill (No 3), I got all excited.

Unfortunately, it only addresses a small annoyance, instead of the bigger ones. ?

Public submissions are now being invited on the Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Bill (No 3).

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, 13 August 2015

This bill remedies a loophole in the current legislation that permits candidates to serve as members on 2 or more Auckland local boards at the same time.

The bill is available online from the `Related links? panel.

The committee requires 2 copies of each submission if made in writing. Those wishing to include any information of a private or personal nature in a submission should first discuss this with the clerk of the committee, as submissions are usually released to the public by the committee. Those wishing to appear before the committee to speak to their submissions should state this clearly and provide a daytime telephone contact number. To assist with administration please supply your postcode and an email address if you have one.

Further guidance on making a submission can be found from the Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee link in the `Related documents? panel.

Might be time to have a go at participating in the democratic process. ?If for no other reason than to give you at least a small win over the local government troughers that get elected and then try to double and triple dip, but also because it is good practice for the day when you will get your say on other issues, such as recall elections.

Most astonishingly, this is an Auckland bill. ?You’d have to think?troughing would need to be curbed at local government level throughout the country.

And I’m not the only one to wonder why we’re patching up such a small hole, when troughing is found throughout government, central and local.

IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY (Labour?Palmerston North): There has been considerable debate this evening on this bill, which has just one operative clause. I do not want to delay its passage unnecessarily, just suffice to say that it is difficult to tell exactly where the public outcry was that generated this legislation. As best as I can tell, it actually represents a personal vendetta by Maggie Barry against a fellow North Shore politician. Nevertheless, the content is perfectly sound. Let us get on with it.

Yes. ?Well. ?Nobody should mess with New Zealand’s favourite grandmother.