Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

Perhaps John Key should rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan?

It seemed to work for the Japanese government who ripped up the plans for an expensive Tokyo?Olympic?stadium.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered plans for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic stadium to be ditched amid public anger over its $US2 billion ($A2.7 billion) price tag.

The decision on Friday means the organisers of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will have to find a new venue for the final.

“I have decided we must go back to the drawing board,” Abe told reporters after meeting top Japanese sports officials. ?

“We have looked at the logistics and construction period and I have made this decision because I was assured that we can definitely complete construction on time.

“We must control costs as far as possible,” he added.

“We are determined to draw up the best possible plan, and we have to draft that plan as quickly as possible.”

Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid’s futuristic design had been met with fury by many Japanese architects.

What began as a cosmetic row gave way to widespread discontent and public bickering over finances.

Sounds a lot like Auckland Council.

It’s time for some leadership, it would be nice to see someone stand up and tell us that…rip up Len Brown’s unitary plan and get Auckland moving, and rates reducing.

– 3News