Registered school teacher wanker finally named


Once again we find out that the opposition claims of registration for teachers is the only way to protect kids in schools is a hollow promise.

I was told repeatedly during my school years and often afterwards that having gone to Auckland Grammar, a choice that was not mine, meant that I was a wanker.

However it turns out that my premise, that teachers I had were wankers, seems to have some validity.

The former teacher found guilty of masturbating in a classroom during school hours can now be named as Simon Bede James Toon. He was teaching at Auckland Grammar at the time.

The Herald can also reveal Toon resigned from a previous job at King’s College for downloading pornography.

Name suppression was lifted after the Herald successfully petitioned against a permanent order in a hearing at the High Court in Auckland.

Grammar did not support continued name suppression.

Toon, who taught maths at the school since 2001, was found guilty last month of committing an indecent act in an empty classroom at the school during lunchtime in June 2013.

His teaching certificate is under interim suspension and he is not currently teaching, stepping down when the incident was disclosed.

Toon had denied masturbating but had conceded watching pornography. His lawyer accused the schoolboy witness of “making up a story for his mates”.

Judge Anne Kiernan sentenced him to nine months supervision, with counselling or treatment as appropriate and 80 hours community work. She lifted suppression, but Toon appealed.

It seems this tugger has a history of issues with sex in the classroom.

Toon’s alleged sexual history has been previously documented, beginning with his police interview during a rape investigation in 1991.

The woman who made allegations against Toon had what a doctor described as “multiple injuries to the face, nose, jaw,neck and teeth”, the Sunday Star-Times reported.

Toon told police they had had consensual sex and the woman was fine when he left her in a Parnell alleyway. Police concluded there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

Toon, who was teaching at Auckland Grammar at the time, went on to teach at King’s College, also in Auckland.

While there, he was subject to an employment dispute in which he admitted downloading pornography on another teacher’s computer but denied a claim by a female colleague that he waged a two-year sexual harassment campaign against her.

The woman took a case to the Human Rights Review Tribunal alleging Toon had breached the Human Rights Act’s harassment provisions.

The case was abandoned four years later due to the complainant’s ill health. Toon was awarded $10,000 legal costs. His lawyer said it was “grossly unfair” the claims were made public and his client was denied the chance to put his side of the story.

Toon left Kings in November 2000 after reaching a confidential agreement with the college.

After his departure, King’s College told the Teachers’ Council Toon left at the commencement of a disciplinary process about his behaviour and computer use but did not mention the allegations involved pornography and sexual harassment.
It refused to provide the council with further details, citing privacy law.

Toon was then re-hired in January 2001 by Auckland Grammar, which was not aware of the King’s College issues – and didn’t look into it further after being alerted by media.

Yeah, sounds like a prime candidate for a teaching certificate. As is usual the schools involved have quietly palmed him onto other schools with a nod and wink.


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