Rodney Hide on the troughers need to control

Rodney Hide at the NBR wades into the attack on the?health troughers seeking to control and manipulate the population through increased taxes.

He will be accused of Dirty Politics next.

We have among us power-hungry elitists always urging governments to regulate, control and boss us about. They never pass an opportunity to call on government to spend more, tax more or tell us more what to do.

Their crowning glory is global warming: control CO2?emissions and you control industrial life.

But they never rest on their laurels. Nothing is too big, or too small, to escape their attention.

Fizzy drinks. Bad. Tax them.

It isn’t just fizzy drinks it is salt, fat and sugar, meaning they will want taxes on everyday items across the board, including staples like meat.

Their push for a tax on fizzy drinks highlights the modus operandi.

First, it?s always a grand cause. If it?s not saving the planet, it?s fighting childhood obesity.

Second, there will be experts in white coats chiming in on song. And so there are: plenty of professors of nutrition are ready to pipe up for a tax on fizzy drinks. And another grant.

Third, there must be little understanding of the problem but always no time to waste. We must push on with policy regardless. We can?t wait. The problem is too pressing. And so it is with obesity. We don?t know what causes it.

There?s the obvious cause that we eat too much. But such a statement explains nothing and only raises the question: why do we eat too much?

Millions of dollars have been spent in the past years tackling obesity and yet we are getting fatter. Consumption has fallen and yet we are getting fatter.

The rise in obesity and related diseases would appear the result of a dysregulation. We don?t see it in animals in the wild. We don?t see it in traditional human populations eating traditional foods.

Indeed, obesity, along with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and the many other chronic diseases that now afflict us, are very much a modern phenomenon; so much so, that they are referred to as diseases of modern civilisation. We don?t know the cause of the dysregulation. It could well be that a previous generation of power-hungry elitists caused it.

Back then, their concern was heart disease. The cause was declared saturated fat. The evidence was flimsy to non-existent. But there was no time to waste.? And so governments were urged to demonise saturated fats. And they did.

People took the advice seriously and a healthy breakfast is now a sugar-rich, nutrient-poor meal of cereal, low fat yogurt and fruit. It was once yummy, nutrient-dense and satiating bacon and eggs.

Our breakfasts became yuck, along with every other meal, and quite possibly made us sick and fat as well.

Butter and tallow were replaced by seed oils invented in the lab and made in a factory. Our food became processed, packaged and boxed. That was the consequence of the low fat mantra.

Rodney is 100% right. The so called food pyramid doomed us. Foisted on an unsuspecting population by the vested interests of the wheat lobby after World War 2…it has caused more harm than anything else, and it was aided and abetted by scientists who should know better.

Worse, it appears the poor diets of parents and grandparents epigenetically affect the health of the next generation. The compounding childhood obesity problem could well be the result of the power-hungry elitists of two generations ago. But there is no admission of error or mistake. The failures simply prove for the bossy ones that government has yet to do enough.

And so now the push for a tax on fizzy. It won?t reverse childhood obesity any more than the Emissions Trading Scheme will change the earth?s climate. But then that?s not its point. It?s always about bossing others. Back in the day when I learnt policy analysis, we had an analytical maxim akin to the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm. We would be healthy, slim and rich if that were truly applied.

Businesses are going to be wrecked and attacked by these zealots…likening sugar, fat and salt to tobacco. they are well supplied with taxpayers dollars, I’m, not sure the food manufacturers and producers have even a third as much as the troughers do in the kitty.