Swedish left wing outraged over gay pride parade that wants to march through Muslim areas

This is so totally awesome…really it is.

The cultural left in Sweden is in a state of confusion after a right wing nationalist group organised a gay pride march through a Muslim neighbourhood.

Jan Sjunnesson, former editor-in-chief of Samtiden, the newspaper of the right wing Sweden Democrats, is organising Pride J?rva ? which he says will feature men kissing ? to go through the Stockholm districts of Tensta and Husby. According to some estimates, these areas are up to 75 per cent Muslim.

Organisers said there was no dress code, adding: ?You could take the opportunity to tan your belly and legs in the sunny weather.?

However, angry left wing and gay rights activists have taken to Facebook, denouncing the planned pride march as ?right wing?, ?xenophobic? and ?pure racism?.

A counter-demonstration is now planned, with organisers claiming J?rva Pride ?pits two oppressed groups against one another.? ?

Taxpayer-funded gay rights group RFSL has distanced itself from the pride march, accusing it of promoting racism and white privilege, while some activists are even calling for the organisers to be arrested for ?hate speech?.

Political correctness and the left-wing are eating themselves. In Scotland drag queens are banned from pride parades in case they upset transgender people…no thought of blokes wearing skirts upsetting local traditions though.

Now in Sweden the left is opposing a gay pride parade because the route will travel through Muslim areas. Normally the left flock to these events so they can be seen as inclusive and caring.

But it seems they are afraid of the Muslim population, exposing their wilful blindness to the acts of barbarism perpetrated on gay people by followers of the “religion of peace”.

They will of course protest and call out Christian bigots who mostly hurl words at poofs not rocks.

The double standards are incredible.


– Breitbart