Why do the Unions have so much sway over Labour? Ctd



In an earlier post we looked at which unionists had won seats from National in the last 20 years.

The only one we came up with was Mark Gosche in Maungakiekie.

A couple of people have pointed out that we are doing a big disservice to Steve Chadwick who was from a Nurses union background and won Rotorua in 1999 from Max Bradford.

Chadwick won with a majority of 4,978 votes, after Bradford had won in 1996 by 5896 votes, which is an absolutely thumping win by Chadwick. ?

So apologies for overlooking Chadwick in the earlier post. She was a unionist and she managed to hammer hell out of a sitting National Cabinet Minister.

She was of course eventually tipped out by Todd McClay in the 2008 election.

Meanwhile Wendy, one of our mods has a cracker of a comment:

Interesting. So unions have a disproportionate amount of power within the Labour party but provide next to no money and absolutely no talent.

Why would any sensible person (or group of people) allow that to continue?

That is an important question and one we do not have an answer to. Are there any people with Labour affiliations who can tell us why Labour are so dominated by the unions?