Why do the Unions have so much Sway over Labour? Ctd

Yesterday we looked at how little money the Union movement has given to Labour, yet they remain captured by the Unions who don?t pay for Labour?s upkeep.

Today we look at whether unionists are electable, and whether union leaders can win over the middle New Zealand.

If the union movement?s best and brightest were able to win seats from National they would be valuable to Labour as good vote winning candidates.

So over the past 20 years which union reps have won National seats?

This is a bit of an unfair question because Labour have been so useless that they have not won National seats in any number since 2002. In 2014 Stuart Nash won the vacant Napier seat. In 2011 Damien O?Connor, famous for his ?gaggle of gays and self serving unionists? won back the West Coast seat he had lost at the previous election. Two good keen men but they are not from a union background. ?

In 2008 Labour did not win a single seat from National, and nor did they in 2005. Looking back even further the first example of a Labour candidate from a union winning a National seat was Mark Gosche winning Maungakiekie from Belinda Vernon in 1999. Gosche managed to turn over a wafer thin majority of 228,mostly as a result of gerrymandering of the boundaries rather than superior campaigning skills and the turning tide against National.

To find another unionist who won a seat from National you have to go further back to 1993 when Mark Peck won Invercargill beating incumbent National MP Rob Munro, and Rick Barker, who won the vacant National held seat of Hastings.

Only one Unionist has won a National held seat in the last 20 years.

So why does the Labour Party let unionists into their party when they cannot win votes in middle New Zealand?