Will the Maori Party refuse to do a deal with Labour over Twyford’s attack on the Chinese?

Back in 2008 the Maori Party took a firm line on the halfwitted and racist comments made by Lockwood Smith.

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said the comments were racist and had Dr Smith not apologised it could have affected the party’s future relationship with National. She does not think he could now be immigration minister.

Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox need to make their views on Twyford’s anti-Chinese racism very, very clear.

No one was in any doubt about what Tariana Turia?s views were, but then Mrs Turia was one of the few politicians who actually stood up for what she believed in at all times.

Mrs Turia told NZPA she thought the remarks were racist.

“It is racist to describe people in such a negative way.”

The size of hands was irrelevant and many employers who hired workers under the scheme had been “really thrilled” with their workers. ??

“He had no right to be making comments of that nature. To say they had to be taught to go to the toilet and take showers, that’s just so rude and ignorant.”

She said he was completely out of touch with real people.

“He can smell the power coming his way and he thinks that going to give him licence to speak out as he likes about any other people – it won’t be tolerated.”

She was pleased that Mr Key did not condone the remarks and that Dr Smith apologised.

“If National didn’t require an apology it would have affected us in the future.”

Mrs Turia said Dr Smith should not be immigration minister if National won the election.

“Definitely not because what he’s shown is he has a particular attitude towards a group of people.”

Phil Twyford?s premeditated and planned attack on the Chinese was far worse that Lockwood Smith’s offhand and halfwitted comments about small handed Asians.

The Maori Party needs to show consistency and respect for its founder, Tariana Turia, and take the same stand against Phil Twyford having a role in any future government if he doesn’t apologise.