The Maori Land Wars are back


Where do you draw the line? ?

Over time, a lot of Maori ownership will have changed due to wars and raids, and if you go back far enough, I?m sure most land can be disputed between Maori depending on when ?you define it to have been ?first inhabited?. ?

For generations, Ngati Whatua have been forced to defend our mana and people when neighbouring iwi have come to claim our land and separate us from the generations of our ancestors buried here.

In recent years these invasions have been in the courts, or through words, often involving the rewriting of history or selective memory which is encouraged in the western legal process.

This happens even when the devastation is fresh in the minds of those who were there, when injustice continued to visit our people. ??

The speech by King Tuheitia Paki at the weekend was a fresh attempt to take our lands and another surprising incursion into politics and other matters unbecoming of the paramount chief of Tainui. An event that should have brought Maori together was instead used for a poorly timed land-grab by the poorly advised King.

Clearly it was geared to ensure the gathered media, officials and leaders, including Prime Minister John Key and his ministers, were on hand to hear that Tainui are trying to sweep into Tamaki and that hapu and iwi, including my people, Ngati Whatua, need to be on guard.

This is pathetic, highly embarrassing, and once again sets back Maoridom. ?

But then again, we never expected them to settle while the taxpayer can be fleeced for more, and now they?ve even turned on each other. ?

It?s rather hilarious how nothing has changed in hundreds of years.


– Joe Pihema, a newspaper