To rub salt into Labour wounds over the “dairy crisis”…


To rub salt into Labour wounds over the “dairy crisis” that has suddenly reversed, Mike Hosking tells them that there isn’t a crisis.

He is National’s stooge?of course…and should be drummed out of all his media jobs.

At the risk of getting another serve from Andrew Little or Winston Peters, I fear I may have some bad news for them.

Bad news for them, good news for the rest of us.

Once again, the subject is dairy. And, once again, I find myself relying on the experts in the field.

The field this time is Rabobank – rural lending specialists.

Rabobank have been looking at the dairy sector – the sector Winston and Andrew insist is in crisis. The industry the head of Landcorp says is broken because the Fonterra model doesn’t work.

So, what does Rabobank say?

They say:

? They see a substantial – their words, not mine – improvement in prices next year, and
? The long-term fundamentals of the dairy sector have not altered.

Fonterra says the same thing. Federated Farmers say the same thing.

The question I would put to the Misery Merchants chanting doom and despair would be how many experts do we need to line up that tell the exact opposite story before we can all collectively agree those preaching the end of the world are either wrong or doing it for cheap political gain, or both.

We don’t need experts, just look at auction prices overnight.


– Mike Hosking, A newspaper