Choosing to leave Islam is no picnic

I prefer to get my facts from the horses mouth so to speak which I why I follow an Ex-Muslim group twitter page and blogs and facebook pages of people who have left Islam.

Below is a snapshot of what it was like for one woman who made the very difficult decision to become an ex-Muslim.

-exmuslimgirl ? ?August 31 2015

So some people will ask, much like my family, how/why I choose to be without them. Truth is, I?didn’t. I wanted them to accept me for who I am ? the exact same person I have always been. I also?sometimes think, why dont I get in touch? Why have I made the decision to stop responding to them? That is why I am writing this. As a reminder of what our relationship turned into, and how it made me feel. The following are things they have said or texted me. I?haven’t?detailed who said what, but it is all from my immediate family.

If you are ever planning on coming out, this is pretty standard stuff a lot of ex-moose do get told unfortunately. Nothing can prepare you for it. I imagine part of it is out of anger, and some of it is to make you feel bad enough to go back.

  • You?re a fucking bitch, I hope you fucking burn in hell.
  • You won?t be at mums funeral.
  • I have never met anyone so selfish in my life.
  • You make out you are the victim.
  • Everyone everyday pretends to be something they are not, we do it for the sake of family.
  • You?ve broken mums heart.
  • The path you?re on will lead to no good and no happiness.
  • You have ruined your life.
  • I don?t think you get the seriousness of the step you have taken.
  • When you left Islam, you left us.
  • How can you think you can leave islam and not leave us ? what kind of muslims do you take us for.
  • You have caused so much pain.
  • I want to stab myself in the stomach because I know I carried you in there.
  • When you are burning in the fire in hell you will regret this.
  • I will not support you anymore, you will never be happy.
  • No man will ever love you.
  • You just want to have sex with everyone. You?re a prostitute. You should have sex with your dad and brothers too. You might as well.
  • I?m going to die without you.
  • You have no family anymore.
  • We will tell people you have died.
  • Why would you do this to us? What have we ever not done for you that you repay us like this?
  • Out of all our children, you are a disappointment to us. We are ashamed of you.
  • If I was you I would kill myself.
  • You have no morals. You are a kuffar. They are the worst kind of people, they belong in the hell fire.

When I decided to come out as an ex-muslim to my family, I anticipated the worst ? being disowned. Being left without a family and being completely alone. I loved my family so much, and was incredibly close to my mum and brothers. My mum wasn?t just a mum, but also my best friend. So the thought of losing her was awful.

What made me decide to come out? I?ve been an ex-muslim for a few years; I have disagreed with parts of Islam since I was a teenager in secondary school. I started doubting it whilst at university, and shortly after I realised I no longer believed at all.

This process wasn?t easy ? I was consumed by guilt for a long time. Guilt for not believing in a God I used to believe in so much. Guilt of what my family would think. I also remember doubting myself and being scared of what would happen if I am wrong, as well as being convinced there must be something really wrong with me because I am the only person to ever leave Islam (how wrong I was about that!).

To read more about her journey click here.

Some might say after reading this post that other Religious groups have shunned and ostracised ex members. That is true they do, Gloriavale being an obvious example here in New Zealand.

To a leftie being able to point this out means the argument is won. In their strange world you can defend Islam by pointing out the horrible actions of another group. It doesn’t work that way in my world. Imagine if in court instead of?condemning?a prisoner based on the facts of what he has done we instead defended his actions by?saying.” But your honour you cannot convict my client because another person in this city?committed?a?similar crime, therefore the prosecuting lawyer has no right to judge my client for his actions.”

The fact remains that this brave woman lost her family because she chose to not follow the same religion as them. That is an enormous cost and one that is heart-breaking for all involved. It tells us something about how rigid and unforgiving Islam is when it is followed to the letter. So called Moderate Muslims are moderate because they choose to ignore the Qu’ran not because the Qu’ran is a moderate book.The majority of Christians follow the New?Testament?not the Old Testament. The Qu’ran has no New Testament for Muslim’s to follow. They either follow it or they don’t follow it. There is no enlightened option.