Could Labour start declaring a crisis everywhere please


Less than a month ago Labour declared a crisis in dairy.

They have previously declared a crisis in emigration (since reversed) and? a crisis in manufacturing (it’s now one of the fastest growing sectors). Both of those areas have reversed simply by Labour claiming a crisis. It can’t have been them who fixed the problems, they are in opposition, and John Key’s government barely lifts a finger over anything…so it can only have been Labour declaring a crisis that has been the catalyst for change.

That appears to have happened in dairy as well with the second successive milk auction experiencing a rise after 10 previous declines in prices.

Dairy prices rise again in another positive GlobalDairyTrade auction.

Prices at the overnight auction lifted 10.9 per cent, hitting an average price of US$2226 per metric tonne (FAS). ??

New Zealand’s major export whole milk powder was up 12.1 per cent, to an average price of $2078.

These prices were backed by 166 participating bidders trading 35,865 metric tonnes of dairy product.

Prices rose by nearly 15 per cent in the last auction, but economists warned it was still early days in terms of a rebound. It was the first rise following 10 consecutive declines.

It’s early days yet but Labour looks to have saved the dairy industry by declaring a crisis.

Let’s hope they don’t declare that their?party is in crisis any time soon.



– Fairfax