For Labour, arresting the backward slide is considered success

Before I start…


It will be a year since the last election, Labour’s third successive defeat under three different Labour leaders.

The party has had five leaders in seven years, but now seems to be entering a period of stability.

Stability? ?Or boredom? ? Or perhaps, so little happening, excuse the pun, that nobody is feeling compelled to change their minds? ? I’ve noticed before that the?absence of Labour leaders in the press always seems to stabilise their polls, whereas an active Labour leader seems to bleed support. ??

And Labour have noticed this too, which is why all the deputies are fronting the issues in the press now.

But Audrey Young, the real one, not the one in the photo, is on Planet Media Party

Mr Little has a strong sense of himself and his party and his own leadership.

He takes on John Key with confidence.

He does long-form television interviews with no notes.

He has no fear of his own performance.

Mr Little has made the odd slip up but most people – party members, the media, the public – are in a forgiving frame of mind.

Mr Little is at his best in the House when he is bellowing from an imaginary soap box.

The fact that Little is doing better than Shearer and Cunliffe is nothing to be excited about. ?No matter what Little does, he can’t get any purchase on Key, National or the government.

Labour’s poll results do not reflect the effort going on under Mr Little to lift its game.

They are creeping up slowly or are standing still.

It may not be worth celebrating, but compared to a year ago, that is success.

Mediocrity and the ability to survive 12 months without a total personal melt-down for Little is now success.

Wherefore art thou, opposition?


– Audrey Young,?ODT