John Key has massive work to do on the flag


Not wanted

John Key already knew this poll would be bad, his pollster would have told him that support for a flag change is going backwards.

A One News/Colmar Brunton poll has found that two thirds of us don’t want a flag change.

The poll, taken before the final four potential flag designs were announced, shows 66 per cent want to keep the current flag, up 2 per cent from 18 months ago.

There was a similar rise of 1 per cent to 28 per cent in those in favour of a flag change. ??

Fewer people are undecided, with the number saying they “don’t know” down 3 per cent to 6 per cent.

But what makes a good flag?

Renowned vexillologist Ted Kaye says it should be distinctive, use meaningful symbolism, feature two to three colours and no writing.

“A flag should be so simple a child can draw it from memory,” he said.

That’s a ridiculous restriction…how many children could easily draw the Union Jack in the correct and accurate proportions?

John Key picked the wrong issue as his legacy. If he?loses this then the left can bang on about him being out of touch until the election. And wasteful.

Meanwhile he is also being kicked for his vacillation over “refugees” and his coalition partners are acting like petulant school children, and Bill English will have to veto the parental leave bill because of those dopey partners.

The old John Key would never have tolerated this nonsense.

He really has become a poll driven fruit-cake and it is showing.

All John Key can hope for now is that Labour will declare a flag crisis and make a complete pig’s arse of their opposition to the flag referendum and put people off and drive them to change.


– One News