Kiwis say nah to flag change in latest poll


John Key is putting a lot of his personal credibility on?the?line with the flag change referendum and like the Northland by-election it isn’t working.

As for the flag, there is a real battle ahead for Mr Key now. He needs to dig for a real sales job, with his personal pride on the line.

Mr Key has come up against a powerful force in New Zealand ? the Kiwi “yeah-nah” attitude ? and it seems on the flag change people might just saying “nah”.

Fortunately for John Key he will be able to point to the politicking of Labour over the flag issue, a party that actually has a flag change as their policy, but intent on spiking John Key’s legacy project.

It was always a strange thing to have a referendum on, a far better referendum to have would have been one on euthanasia and another on legalising cannabis.

But John Key insisted on the flag debate and so he will have to wear this one if it fails and not squeak out from any blame like he did in Northland.

Those numbers are dreadful for Key and his fan club who have really been pushing like hell for the flag change. Pretty hard to turn that around.

If Labour were smart they’d shut up now and let the damage take effect.

– 3News