Maoridom rises in support of woman basher

It beggars belief that Maori are lining up to support a wife beater.

Dame Tariana Turia will support Chris Brown’s visa application.

The former leader of the Maori Party will write a letter of recommendation to go alongside Brown’s long-awaited application for a special direction visa.

The singer, booked to play Vector Arena in December, is technically barred from entering New Zealand, as he has been banned from other countries.

He will need to apply for a special direction in order to enter the country. That application is still to be received.

Dame Tariana, who has worked to reduce domestic violence for decades, believed Brown would speak on his past while in New Zealand , prompting his young fans to think seriously about domestic violence.

“Give him the opportunity to come and engage our young people, who want him to come.”

She said the millions of dollars spent on family violence awareness did not often get through to youth. An immensely popular star might.

“I think that Chris Brown is someone who young people can relate to. […] I know some young people who number one would love to see him sing but would also love the opportunity to hear his views on this issue.”

Dame Tariana said she was approached about a week ago. She has not talked to Brown himself, but believes that he has atoned.

“I took some time to think about it. I decided it can only be good. I think all of us learn from our behaviours, good and bad. And it is a fact that he committed an offence, one that I feel quite strongly about. However I also believe in forgiveness, in redemption.”

We all love a redemption story…but…Yeah, nah. He hasn’t atoned, and has gone on to commit additional offences.

And Maori royalty want to give the wife beater a right royal welcome.

Tainui representative Tukoroirangi Morgan told the?NZHerald?that the Maori King’s representatives would consider hosting the singer.

But representatives of the King claim told Radio NZ they do not support the invitation.

Maori King Tuheitia Paki?is ill at the moment, so Morgan said the King’s son Whatumoana Paki would stand in for Brown’s royal welcome.

“If he’s able to get access into the country we would be seriously interested in hosting him,” he told the NZHerald.

Brown’s conviction of domestic violence against former partner, singer Rihanna, has been atoned for according to Morgan.

“I understand he has been through a major reformation process. He has a child. He has paid for his sins,” Morgan said.

Promoter spokesperson Jevan Goulter said he had seriously researched Brown and believed him to be truly remorseful.

“We can buy his music online, we can watch him on TV, we can hear him on the radio – why can’t we go down to Vector Arena and watch him perform?”

What a load of rubbish. The man is a wife beater and all these high profile Maori are doing is excusing his behaviour and not one single one of them has even spoken to the gutless coward.


– Fairfax