Panuku? Really?

Auckland Council brass don’t need to do much to underline why they are dead set useless. Just name their newly formed and merged agency that will deal with property developers and attempt to do deals for surplus Council land.

A Maori word has been added to the name of a development agency for the Super City at the eleventh hour.

Development Auckland, a council-controlled organisation starting business today, has been renamed Panuku Development Auckland.

Panuku means to “move on” or “move forward” and conveys the concept of dynamism and building towards excellence, said a press release.

“It has been likened to the motion of a waka that requires skill to navigate and teamwork to propel,” the release said.

Howick councillor Dick Quax said he had no idea what panuku meant and neither would the vast majority of Aucklanders.

“There has been no input from councillors and council – the sole shareholder of the new development company.

“Other council-controlled organisations (CCOs) describe in plain language what the core function is – Watercare, Auckland Transport, Waterfront Auckland, Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL).

“The majority of Auckland people will have no clue what this CCO’s functions are from its name,” said Mr Quax.

Panuku Development Auckland is a merger of Waterfront Auckland and ACPL.

Panuku doesn’t just mean to “move on” it is also the Maori word for sled or sledge.

It is a silly name nonetheless and meaningless.

I can see where this will go already.

Panuku. Panic-you. Panic-poo. Pan-poo. Pile of poo. Poo.

Really? These clowns just make my life so easy. It seams like they fumble their way from one stupid thing to another. I wonder how much it cost consultants to dream up that name?

As it is the agency will be a festering sore loaded with gravy train consultants and staffed by the dregs of the property industry…all trying to facilitate developments but just getting in the way of good people going about their day…because Councils make for terrible property developers and worse facilitators of them.

The agency will be slow, propose fanciful unviable utopian nonsense, cost a fortune to operate and achieve stuff all whilst spending enormous sums of ratepayer monies.

Hobsonville Point boat yard – movie studio – apartment precinct comes to mind. Likewise the enormously successful Flatbush/Ormiston Town Centre – still struggling to get off the ground almost 10 years later. Councils shouldn’t play in the market.

Off to bad start they can’t even get their name sorted out. Clearly no hope for them.


– A newspaper