Pimping the Poor expert Simon Collins has great news! Childcare subsidies to working parents down 11%

The government are doing a great job cutting waste and middle class welfarism. ?

Putting lazy mums back on the job, and in general making people responsible for their own lives. ?The old hand up, not hand out thing. ??

And to think Simon Collins says it?s a bad thing! ?

The number of working parents receiving childcare subsidies has dropped by 4300 in the past five years, despite more parents going back to work.

The decline appears to be mainly due to a Government decision during the global financial crisis to cut the income limits for the subsidy from September 2010, and to freeze them since then at $1400 a week for parents with one child in childcare, $1600 with two children and $1800 with three or more children.

Early Childhood Council chief executive Peter Reynolds said it also reflected Work and Income offices failing to publicise the subsidy.

“The numbers have always been completely low compared with the segment of the population you would think are eligible to receive it,” he said.

He said some early childhood centres gave parents application forms for the subsidy, but others didn’t.

“Some Work and Income offices frown on it because the handing over of an application form, some Work and Income staff believe that should be part of a conversation between a case manager and a parent,” he said.

And where did this story come from that pimping the poor expert Simon Collins is focussing on?

Statistics provided by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley in response to a written question from Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni show that numbers receiving the subsidy peaked in June 2010 at 52,576, or 28 per cent of all early childhood education (ECE) enrolments in that year.

Numbers have dropped in every year since then to 46,361, or 23 per cent of enrolments, in June this year.

Subsidies going to beneficiary families have dropped by 13 per cent from 14,841 to 12,926, reflecting declining numbers on benefits as the job market has recovered from the financial crisis.

But Ms Sepuloni said it was unexpected that subsidies going to working families had also dropped, by 11 per cent from 37,735 to 33,435, despite the growing numbers of working parents.

“If more people are going to work, we should see some kind of increase in the number of people not on benefits receiving childcare subsidies,” she said.

She said the amounts budgeted for the subsidy were underspent in each of the past three years, apparently to make cost savings.

“We know that at an operational level Work and Income are making it as hard as possible for parents to access their childcare subsidy entitlement,” she said.

Straight from the Labour Party directly to their embedded poverty pimp.

And right at the bottom of the article is a link for bludgers to apply for benefits…this is nothing but native advertising for Labour.


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