They look like bottles of motor oil to me

Sad face dairy owner

Sad face dairy owner

Some people are never happy.

The perpetually outraged in our society simply run off their gobs on Twitter or cry to the Media Party who produce lots of sad face photos of the outraged people.

Consumers are souring to the taste of Anchor’s All Black Rugby World Cup promotional bottles of two-litre milk, Wellington dairy owners say.

Thakor Gopal, owner of Island Bay’s Hy-Grade dairy said the marketing campaign was costing him sales, which he estimated had dipped about 20 per cent since the black bottles were launched earlier this month

Gopal said some of his customers were put off by the idea of milk in a black bottle.

“They say it should not be in a black bottle – lots of people are unhappy.” ?

Black also camouflaged the bottles, meaning customers could not see the product, Gopal said.

Dinesh Patel, owner of Newtown’s Jimmy’s Fruit Mart reported a similar sales slump and said some customers thought the milk itself was also black.

“They think it’s black milk inside, people don’t want this packaging,” Patel said.

But the big supermarket chains were not reporting any sales slumps, or spikes.

Foodstuffs corporate public relations director Antoinette Laird said it was business as usual at its New World and Pak ‘n Save chains.

Of course the luvvies of Franklin Road are especially outraged.


Hamish Keith doesn’t watch TV3 anymore, doesn’t read Whaleoil, and now doesn’t buy Anchor milk…the man is a walking ban list of misery. Stuff knows what humours him these days, other than objecting to neighbours wanting to build what he has or cycle ways up Franklin Road. Hamish Keith probably feels nauseous about having to read the news online and probably still writes letters to a newspaper about the temerity of them going tabloid…while still subscribing to it.

These people need to get a life. Seriously.


– Fairfax