What does Islam have in common with progressive leftism?

Have you ever wondered why so many ‘ liberal’ leftists are supporters of or apologists for Islam?

Islam is a religion and political force that stands for everything that the liberal left do not. It advocates the death penalty for gays, it subjugates women, it supports pedophilia with its ‘ cultural ‘ acceptance of child brides. It advocates for Sharia law and a world wide caliphate and it teaches that Muslims are superior human beings.

Despite this, if you criticise Islam by suggesting that it is the antithesis of Western democratic and equal rights values, progressive leftists will call you intolerant and racist. Recently Dr Ben Carson in America has been vilified by the leftist press and the political and academic establishment for saying as much.

So what do the progressive leftists and Islam have in common?

The advocates of Islam are just like leftist progressives, in the following way:

  1. They call you racist and hateful whenever you disagree with them. Mind you, leftists call you these names not only for opposing gay marriage or abortion rights… they call you these names for opposing Obama?s agreement with Iran, cuts in defense, tax hikes or socialization of medicine.
  2. When it comes to intolerance for dissension, leftists and advocates of Islam understand each other because ? psychologically at least ? they are one and the same.
  3. Leftist progressives are always talking about the desirability of having a ?conversation? about immigration, socialized medicine, taxes, and the like ? provided you don?t challenge their basic terms and policies. The conversation abruptly ends once you ask things like, ?Why do we have a welfare state?? or, ?By what right does the government nationalize the enterprise of medicine?? and the like.
  4. They share a totalitarian mentality.We?re vulnerable to attacks from advocates of insane ideologies because we?re weak. Strength comes from self-confidence, love of life, and a certainty that one is entitled to live one?s life as a free, independent and sovereign individual. This is the mindset that totalitarians cannot stand. The totalitarian mentality is found everywhere, although Islam and progressive leftism are two of the most influential forces responsible for it at present.

**Above summary adapted from an article at drhurd.com