Winston Peters is a cunning, cunning bastard

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

Winston Peters is a cunning, cunning, bastard.

He quietly followed along on the?”refugee” issue, and said we should consider lifting the quota without saying when…that then put immense pressure on John Key, faced with the baying hordes of the Media party and the liberal elite on Twitter he had to act.

John Key was forced, snookered even, into acting and in?the?process annoying a large swathe of the electorate …and then along comes Winston who had this to say:

New Zealand should take only women and children refugees from Syria and tell the men to return home and fight, NZ First leader Winston Peters says.

Asked about the Government’s decision to bring in an emergency intake of 600 Syrian refugees over three years, Mr Peters reiterated his position that more refugees should be settled – but only if immigration levels were significantly reduced.

“I think we can do better, but we can’t do that while we’ve got mass immigration. And if we’re going to do it, let’s bring the women and children and tell some of the men to go back and fight for their own country’s freedom, like we are,” Mr Peters said.

That is going to get resonance, like the comments from an Australian senator;

His comments come as an?Australian senator blamed the father of a drowned toddler for the boy’s death.

Well who else was to blame? It certainly wasn’t anyone in New Zealand. I refuse to subscribe to group guilt based on a lying toe-rag who for someone fleeing Syria was pretty quick to go back there to bury his dead family.

Winston has been very clever and cunning. He knows that that the average bloke on?the?street doesn’t want refugees coming here. He is shoring up his support and picking off some of John Key’s while he is at it.

Dr Zain Ali, head of the Islamic Studies Research Unit at the University of Auckland, contacted the Herald after reading Mr Peters’ comments, to protest that the NZ First leader was telling men to go back to “a meat grinder”.

“You are saying to them, ‘go and fight for your freedom’. But in Syria at the moment there are, according to the BBC, 1000 different rebel groups – which one do you want them to fight for?”

Any will do…why should our troops do the fighting while all these “refugees” are demanding access to Europe?

If we want to do something meaningful we should unleash the NZSAS. John key needs to call in Te Ururoa Flavell and have a chat…about how the NZSAS are mostly Maori and they want to go, and he should stop being a blouse because if he doesn’t support it and wants to keep holding the government to ransom then the next person he will ask is Winston and that will be the end of the Maori party in government…and probably politics. No more Whanau Ora, no more policy wins…they stop the moment he says no.

John Key used to have the stones…he better find them quick. Things are getting away on him.


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