Two out of Two New Zealand Prime Ministers agree: TPPA is good for you

via 3 News

via 3 News

Former Prime Minister and current UN Development Programme head Ms Clark says the TPPA is an important balancing act for the Government.

“What always haunts one as a New Zealand prime minister is, will there be a series of trade blocs developed that you’re not part of? Because that is unthinkable for New Zealanders, an export-oriented, small trading nation,” she told reporters.

“So of course New Zealand has to be in on the action with a [TPPA] and go for the very best deal it can.”

Key’s pushing the idea that it will all be done and dusted within a week or so. ? But there are some puckered up farmers that are concerned it will be achieved at the cost of the ‘bottom line’ dairy concessions being softened or let go altogether. ? And at that point, the TPPA will only be a lose/lose for New Zealand.

Let’s hope Tim Groser hasn’t taken his eye off the prize. ?The prize isn’t to sign the agreement. ?The prize is to ensure our country’s dairy interests get a net benefit from the TTPA.


– 3 News