Advice for Andrew Little: Stop digging

I notice with a mixture of disbelief?and delight that the Labour Party are going all-in on the Christmas Island issue, just like they did with the ugly persecution of house buyers with Chinky sounding names, like Young. ? And the result will be another slow-motion train wreck for us all to enjoy.

Kelvin has been demoted. ?Angry Andy is now going over to Australia to do the job properly.

Opposition leader Andrew Little is preparing to do what he says the Government has failed to by heading to Canberra in person and pleading expatriate New Zealanders’ case at the heart of Australia’s Government.

Amid high tension in Parliament yesterday over Labour’s advocacy for deportees, Mr Little confirmed he would appear before an Australian select committee in two weeks’ time to lobby for expats’ rights.

In a rare move, Mr Little will urge Australian MPs in person to address discrimination against Kiwis who live and pay tax in Australia but receive little state support. …

The main focus of Labour’s submission will be on unfair treatment of New Zealanders across the Tasman.

But Mr Little said his submission would also be coloured by recent events involving New Zealanders at Australian detention centres.

“It wasn’t our intention to focus on the detention issue but it may well be that it’s difficult to avoid that,” he said.

Angry Andy is going to go tell off the Australians for implementing a policy that Helen Clark agreed to. ?Good luck with that. ?

Earlier, there were reports of some detainees barricading themselves inside with petrol bombs, machetes and chainsaws after raiding a garden shed for weapons.

The unrest began in the early hours of Monday after upset detainees asked officials what happened to Kurdish refugee Fazel Chegeni, whose body was found on Sunday following his escape from the detention centre.

Media reports suggest New Zealanders were behind the uprising, which saw centre guards flee, fires lit and walls smashed.

Kelvin Davis has been saying there would be riots, and by repeating it many times, there were. ? Cause or effect? ? Part of the bigger picture or just a coincidence?

Don’t worry, the Media Party has so many targets in mind on this issue, they can’t even keep it focused in the same story. ? Here comes the Serco hit:

The centre is run by controversial private prison operator Serco, which hit headlines this year after a series of scandals emerged at Auckland’s Mt Eden prison.

Two bus-loads of guard reinforcementswere patrolling the perimeter of the centre as sirens sounded for hours on end.

One detainee described riot police smashing their way in live on Australian radio.

He said some detainees, including a couple of older ones in their 70s, were “freaking out” as officers arrived.

In the background fire alarms, commotion and shouting police were audible.

“The tear gas is coming into the room now. I have just got a wet rag around my head.”

The detainee said those rioting were heavily armed and out of control. He worried about his safety as riot police kicked the door into the room he sheltered in.

“We are going to get hurt.”

What a load of made-for-media rubbish.

Kelvin Davis and Labour are fighting for the rights of people in Australia that, by and large, do not even want to come back here. ? The most high profile of these are nasty scumbags who can’t even be put on commercial flights – they are so putrid and dangerous.

And this is what Andrew Little is going madly into bat for.

The only way it appears to be working is because of the faithful backing of the Mediaworks and NZME Media Party people who keep reporting it in a way that slants Labour’s progress and support.

Few voters in New Zealand care about Kiwis who went to Australia and are whining about not being able to get on the dole there. ? So bloody what? ? Few voters in New Zealand care about Kiwis who are murderers, child molesters and rapists being held for deportation. ? Well, no, they do care: ?they want them to stay in Australia as well.

Labour have put the whole bankroll in the middle of the table again, just like they did with Chinkygate, and once again they are on the wrong side of history.

It’s going to be awesome to watch the impotent tears of rage.


– Isaac Davison, NZME