BREAKING: “Progress report” on Conservative AGM in Auckland this morning

Colin Craig has not turned up but has left the Colonites in charge with a Trespass notice blocking John Stringer from attending. ? Not entirely sure you can enforce a trespass notice on someone else’s property, but after a two hour stand-off, including police having a say, John Stringer has withdrawn and the “AGM” has started.

More as it develops.


A newpaper reports also?

After being served with a trespass notice upon entering the hotel, Stringer was informed police would be called if he entered a conference room for the AGM’s 8:45am start.

Stringer called their bluff and police were notified.

“I’ve been served with a trespass notice this morning, but I will be attending the meeting. I will be resisting,” Stringer said.

“I’ve attended all the AGM’s, I will continue to do so and I want to talk through the future of the party and the process in place today.”

Upon entering the conference room, Stringer was greeted warmly by some members as media were ejected.

Three police cars have since been dispatched to the venue.