Final desperate death throes of Dotcom?s non-existent defence

Kim Dotcom is going to win the gold medal?for clutching at straws.

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer has accused the Crown of including irrelevant evidence to prejudice the public against his client.

During the first week of the extradition hearing — which has now come to the end of its eighth week — Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon, QC, acting for the US government, drew the court’s attention to a comment by the internet entrepreneur calling New Zealanders “dumb”.

“Aussies, just as dumb as kiwis,” Dotcom allegedly told a co-defendant Matthias Ortmann.

“Hehe,” Ortmann responded. ??

But Dotcom’s counsel Ron Mansfield said the exchange had nothing to do with Megaupload being shut down in Australia.

“Rather, the evidence shows that this comment was in relation to Megapay, being a mobile phone payment service.

This has nothing at all to do with any copyright material or infringement, and certainly nothing to do with Megaupload or Megavideo,” he told the court this week.

“This reference is entirely misleading. Rather, it was chosen by the United States for the media attention this would no doubt have. This choice proved to be correct given the media attention that followed, but its inclusion is entirely irrelevant, misleading, and unreliable. Its inclusion was designed to unfairly attract prejudice against Mr Dotcom.”

Dotcom has always thought that Kiwis were dumb. He made numerous comments about sheep to others and how Kiwis were just like sheep. He has a history of it.

Judges are smart though and they know when irrelevant evidence is being presented. They certainly don’t need the assistance of lawyers clutching at straws.

Another week or so and then we get to hear that Fatty Boomsticks is going to get a plane ride.

For me the delicious irony of watching Kim Dotcom have his private messages read out to everyone is worth it.


– NZ Herald