Professor of Hate Hits Own Goal With Hate Speech

Hate Speech research Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher Scott Poynting: Likens Sodastream to manufacturer of Zyklon B

I wonder what Islamic shill Susan Devoy is going to say about this…or will she sweep it under the carpet under the guise of academic freedoms.

Shalom Kiwi reports:

Prof Scott Poynting is a scholar of hate crime at the University of Auckland. Sadly ironically, he is also the author of a sickening anti-Semitic letter to the Waikato Times on Nov 28th.

The letter is anti-Semitic primarily because it seeks to draw false parallels between Nazi Germany and Israel and is sickening as the Farben factory referred to in the letter is notorious for making the gas used by the Nazis to exterminate Jews. Such demonisation and delegitimization of Israel not only fails Sharansky?s ?3-D? test, the comparison is also explicitly part of the working definition of anti-Semitism?for the European Forum and the US State department.

His letter reads ?Thank you for explaining in your article how SodaStream generously provided work for Palestinians. I understand that IG Farben provided work for large number of Jews. Not that I have anything against Germans, mind you.?


IG Farben was a German chemical manufacturing company that held the patent for and made?Zyklon-B, the poison used to mass exterminate Jews. The company also used slave labour to speed up production under orders of the SS. Comparing this to SodaStream is obscene and hateful. The implication that Israel is like Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic. The false inference from an academic is inexcusable.

What a despicable hateful man. Equating Sodastream with the manufacturer of the gas used to kill millions upon millions of Jews.

As Shalom Kiwi points out:

SodaStream is a company that makes home carbonation machines ? excellent Christmas or Hannukah presents. They paid double or triple common wages in the West Bank, provided pensions and some medical insurance. A Palestinian employee, Mohammed Yousef, was quoted as saying ?Hell yeah, I?m happy. We?re like family. We have fun. We are Jews and Muslims here. We are here peacefully. We have no problems. Everyone is complaining about settlements here and everywhere, but SodaStream is different.?

To equate Sodastream with the company that assisted the Nazi regime kill millions of Jews is despicable. It isn’t often that I call for people to be sacked but this man should not be teaching anyone.

Given that his research interests are focussed on Islamophobia hate crimes, we would have expected him to be more aware of the impact of his words. However, that he has hosted speakers on behalf of NZ Palestine Solidarity Network (a group closely related to Kia Ora Gaza), perhaps he knew exactly what he was writing

Holocaust inversion, where Israelis are demonised as Nazis and the Palestinians are portrayed as the new Jews, has nothing to do with legitimate and necessary criticism of Israel and everything to do with a false analogy aimed at delegitimising and demonising it and its people. It is an absurd, grotesque distortion and a modern day blood libel.

We have had people today on the blog comparing Israel with ISIS, and other Islamic dictatorships. Nothing could be further from?the?truth.

Israel is a thriving democracy that guarantees its citizens (including 20% Arabs, as well as people of all religions) equal rights, and operates under a rigorous rule of law. It does not commit genocide (either in terms of its intention, or the numbers); it has academic freedom and does not burn books; it does not have gas chambers; it does not aspire to imperialism but rather throughout its short history has merely sought to hold onto its tiny piece of land against attacks by its neighbours, some of which still call for its destruction.

Such a comparison, that Prof Poynting perpetuates, also trivialises the Holocaust, by desecrating the memory of those who died and minimising the evil and planned mass extermination of 6 million Jews, as well as gypsies, homosexuals, dissidents and the many others who died at the Nazis? hands. That Prof Poynting does not ?have anything against the Germans? could be interpreted as him supporting the Nazis but is more likely to mean that he has everything against Jews. Here, he clearly crosses the line between legitimate criticism and hate once again.

That an Professor of hate crime would penn an anti-Semitic letter is bad enough. It is most concerning that the Waikato Times would publish the letter at all, regardless of who penned it. Surely editorial discretion would disallow those letters that are anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, or hateful to any particular group. Shame on them both.

The Professor is promulgating his own hate crime, but sadly in modern New Zealand it seems, from?the?top down, it is OK to hate on Jews…that’s OK.

As I said I won’t be holding my breath for Susan Devoy to speak out about this. She will probably blame pakeha men for this too.


– Shalom Kiwi