The delusions of Rob Salmond and the left-wing

One thing you need to do as a political commentator is be able to see the other side’s point of view without assuming they will do and act as you would.

The Left-wing are having conniptions over John Key calling out Labour in parliament?for being crim hugging activists and lobbying on behalf of people who are firstly criminals and secondly people who don’t even want to be in New Zealand. They’ve even coined a stupid little label?for them…501s…named after the section?of Australian law that saw them extradited.

Either that or they are promoting Levis???

In any case the dopey ‘poll supremo’ of Labour, the man who came up with Chinkygate, which worked so well for Labour, has decided to call out the Prime Minister.

John Key?s strategic supremo is Lynton Crosby, from the Australian firm Crosby/Textor. Crosby has a trick in his bag called the ?dead cat strategy.? Here?s Boris Johnson, one of Crosby?s British clients, describing it in 2013:

If you?re losing an argument, if you?re in a weak position, throw a dead cat on the table, the London mayor wrote.

?Everyone will shout ?Jeez, mate, there?s a dead cat on the table!?; in other words they will be talking about the dead cat, the thing you want them to talk about, and they will not be talking about the issue that has been causing you so much grief.?

Today, John Key threw a dead cat into the middle of New Zealand?s Parliament.

John Key knew he was in a weak position today for two reasons. First, his deliberate inaction in the face of disgraceful treatment of expat New Zealanders by Australia is a dereliction of his duty, as his many advisers will be telling him.

His advisors won’t be telling him that…nor anything of the sort. John Key knows middle New Zealand really well and he knows they don’t like ratbags, especially ratbags who don’t even want to be in this country. He isn’t a bleeding heart liberal whiner, though he does show soft tendencies. But this case isn’t one of those.

His advisors, and presumably his pollsters will already have told him most Kiwis think this is a non-issue, other than they are criminal ratbags and so far that truth hasn’t been told.

And so, yes, he did throw the dead cat on the table, exactly as I predicted he would do.

The facts are out, and most Kiwis won’t want to see violent offenders including rapists coming back to New Zealand. They will back John Key…and accordingly not back the fools in Labour who have been led down the garden path by an out of control MP seeking name recognition at all costs. The cost now is that Labour looks like what they are, crim hugging losers.

Their walk out of parliament for being offended just proved that, and they clearly didn’t know all the facts about their new criminal friends on Christmas Island.

As for their offence…well…be offended, nothing happens.

But the point here is this…as a political commentator if you want to succeed then you need to think like your opposition. Rob Salmond shows yet again that his political advice is as useful as a fart in a hurricane…and that is also why Lynton Crosby is paid the huge sums of money for winning that he is.

All that is happened with the full court press of outrage from Labour and their lap-bloggers is that they?look stupid because Patrick Gower ran the facts and there are actually rapists amongst the ratbags. Now the ‘outrage’ looks false and planned and?John Key looks like a political genius.

Well done Labour, Kiwis now know that you are crim friendly.


– Public Address