The innocence of a child in a perverse world

via KXAN

via KXAN

A seven-year-old US boy has been praised for extending a hand of friendship, filled with a US$20 note (NZ$30), to his local mosque after it was defaced.

The Islamic Centre in Pflugerville, Texas, was vandalised on Monday because of anti-Muslim sentiment that had sprung up in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The perpetrators smeared faeces on the building and littered the area with torn pages from the Koran, media outlet KXAN reported.

Oh the conflicting feelings that have come to a focal point here. ?Do I approve of the defacing of the mosque with faeces? ?No. ? Do I think it’s OK to rip the Quran up? ? No. ? ?Is this kid’s heart in the right place? ?Yes.

But. ??

Faisal Naeem, a member of the mosque’s board, was talking to media outside the building after the incident when a boy approached him.

He handed Naeem a $20 note, a card that said “I’m sorry people were mean to you” in an unprompted random act of kindness.

The gesture was caught by local media and has been shared around the world, with many on social media applauding the boy’s actions.

The boy had been saving to buy an iPad Mini but decided to donate it to help with the clean up effort.

Jack’s mum Laura Swanson confirmed the donation had been entirely her son’s idea, saying he was upset that to see somebody’s church targeted.

And now the random act of kindness has now been returned to the boy. Jack had been intending to put the $20 towards buying an iPad Mini.

A few days after making his donation, he received an iPad Mini courtesy of the American Muslim Society, complete with his own letter and the society’s sincere thanks.

How do you process something like this when the Muslim brethren in France started mowing people down. ?Families apart?

I guess, in the end, where are the Muslim children walking up to churches and offering their pocket money?


-?KXAN, via Stuff