Domestic 1080 terrorist pleads guilty, but we are not allowed to know who he is

via 3 News

via 3 News

The Auckland businessman who threatened to poison infant formula with 1080 has admitted two charges of blackmail.

The 60-year-old appeared in the High Court at Auckland today, and has continued name suppression.

He was arrested earlier this month following an 11-month, $3 million investigation into two anonymous letters sent to Fonterra and Federated Farmers in November last year.

The letters, sent with small packages of milk powder laced with a concentrated form of 1080, threatened to contaminate infant and other formula with the poison unless New Zealand stopped using 1080 for pest control by the end of March.

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) director-general, Martyn Dunne, praised the agencies and companies that dealt with the threat, and said local and international consumers should be confident they are in good hands.

“What we saw in response to this threat was multiple government agencies working together with dairy companies and retailers with a common purpose ? to protect consumers.”

Mr Dunne also acknowledged a quick and focused investigation from police was crucial to finding the offender responsible and bringing the case to a close.

No contaminated infant formula was ever identified.

The man will reappear in court in February.

The media label him as an “Auckland businessman”, and that’s as far as we’re allowed to know the details of this idiot. ?He wasn’t even a true believer in the cause. ?Instead, his motive was money.

I really can’t see why his suppression should last once he is also convicted.


– 3 News