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Hate Speech research Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher at The University of Auckland, Scott Poynting

Today’s face of the day hate speech researcher Scott Poynting, is guilty of the most disgusting anti-semitism?and he makes his living researching hate speech against Muslims. You would think that someone who studies hate for a living would be someone passionate about stopping hate, someone who wants a better world. The thought that a man with anti-semitic views like this is teaching at Auckland University sickens me.

I have never before in my life called for someone to be sacked from their job but for this man I will make an exception. His reference to the German company IG Farben, that manufactured the poison gas used to massacre Jews inside concentration camps, was beneath contempt. His comment that he has nothing against the Germans, while referring to the German company that aided Hitler’s genocide of the Jews is hateful.

What is wrong with us here in New Zealand? We have a race relations conciliator that discounts the opinions of ‘Pakeha ‘ men based on the colour of their skin, and a hate speech researcher that makes his hatred of Jews clear in a letter to the Editor.


It seems to me that both Susan Devoy and Scott Poynting have a nasty habit of comparing apples with rotten, putrid pears.

Susan had the unmitigated gall to compare democratic Israel defending themselves from Islamic terrorism, with brutal Islamic terrorists unleashing acts of terror on Christians, Gays, Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world. There is no comparison at all. The tragedy unfolding in Israel is Israeli citizens being killed daily by Palestinian terrorists. How dare Susan try to compare the two situations. Terrorists are the instigators of terrorism. Why would anyone in their right mind blame Israeli citizens and soldiers for shooting a terrorist in self defence? How is Israel defending itself from rocket attacks and suicide bombers from Palestine, a tragedy that New Zealanders would blame Jewish Kiwis for?

It?s not OK for Muslim Kiwis to be singled out, abused and discriminated against because of violent extremists. Neither is it OK to blame Jewish Kiwis for an unfolding tragedy thousands of miles away.

-Susan Devoy