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Former Labor candidate for Murray, Dr Imran Syed.

Former Labor candidate for Murray, Dr Imran Syed.

Today’s face of the day Dr Imran Syed, has been sacked by Labor in Australia for sharing online material?attacking the West’s intervention in Syria and Iraq and criticising Israel.


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He said the ALP was attempting to stifle free speech and was being racist.

An ALP source told Fairfax Media that Dr Syed’s online activity was not appropriate for a federal candidate, but also said he had been given no training or support by Labor.

The source said the party had not bothered to check on Dr Syed’s views on foreign policy before pre-selecting him in September.

…Dr Syed, an AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador since 2014, said that the ALP’s treatment of him showed that a “dark man” in Australia didn’t have a right to voice his opinion.

“We have to be blind, deaf and dumb,” he said.
…Dr Syed had been cautioned several times about his use of social media by senior officials at Victorian Labor’s head office.
…Dr Syed also labelled calls from within the federal Liberal party by MP Andrew Hastie for Islam to change as “barking” from “a clown.”

He called former British prime minister Tony Blair a “Mentally Retarded Clown high on Pure Afghan Poppy”

Labor’s powerful administration committee on Thursday night moved to dis-endorse him ? party officers will now make a final decision after reviewing the posts.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said “There is no place in Labor for these sorts of intolerant views.”

ALP assistant state secretary Kosmos Samaras denied the party was racist.

“You only have to take a look at the state caucus to see that the party is made of up of people from various backgrounds and religious faiths, including the Islamic faith,” Mr Samaras said.

“The party had a number of conversations about his comments on social media.

“Unfortunately the ex-candidate did not heed this advice and has been dis-endorsed.”