Prissy Precious Peter actually is a ‘childish, foolish moron’

Peter Dunne hasn’t really been taken seriously since falling for the glad eye of a female reporter.

In fact he has become a political joke, with his grandstanding and preciousness. He is more of a liability to the government now than an asset.

His latest act of preciousness is hanging up on a talk show host.

United Future leader Peter Dunne has clashed with a radio host in a fiery on-air interview, being labelled a “childish moron” after abruptly hanging up.

Sparks flew during Dunne’s interview with Newstalk ZB Christchurch host Chris Lynch about “jihadi brides” on Friday morning.

Prime Minister John Key on Tuesday said?New Zealand women were known to have taken part in “weddings” before heading to Islamic State (Isis) stronghold Syria, which pointed to the fact they were going as jihadi brides.

Key’s remarks came after SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge told Parliament’s intelligence and security committee there had been a rise in the number of young New Zealand women heading to Iraq and Syria.

However, Dunne has questioned the claims, saying the allegations could be aimed at “softening up” the public before an independent review into spy agencies is released. ?

The Internal Affairs Minister told Lynch he had not cancelled the passports of any women, while “the mere act of marriage” did not constitute an offence under the Passports Act.

“As has been widely reported, the numbers involved are very small and frankly I think the whole issue is in danger of being completely overblown.”

When Lynch pressed Dunne, asking whether he would change the law, he responded: “You’re trying to make a story where none actually exists and I think that’s the whole point of this.”

In return, Lynch accused Dunne of being “very defensive” over the issue, saying: “I’m just trying to have a conversation – there’s no need to take such a defensive…there’s no need to be flippant.”

As the two tried to talk over each other, Dunne said “it would be nice…if a person asking a question listened to the answers” and accused Lynch of having an agenda against him.

“I am defensive because I suspect your motives: I have seen various blog comments you’ve made about me in the past which have been far from complimentary.

“You’ve called me foolish, you’ve called me out of touch, you’ve called me all sorts of things, and I suspect you’ll do so after this interview.”

Lynch bit back, calling Dunne “childish” and saying he was taking the interview too personally.

In response, Dunne repeated his comments about jihadi brides before cutting the call short by hanging up.

Lynch had the last word, on-air at least, concluding: “Childish and foolish – what a moron.”

And with that retort from Chris Lynch he accurately summed up Peter Dunne.

His time in parliament is up, time for him to seek other employment.

I helped get rid of Hone Harawira, I think I might put together some people to get rid of Peter Dunne.


– Fairfax