Can you guess which book has 32% more Jew hatred than Mein Kampf?


As the copyright expires on Mein Kampf and publication restrictions in Germany cease there are worries that the hateful musings of Adolf Hitler will spark more anti-semitism.

But there is a book out there with even more hatred of Jews than even Mein Kampf.

Can you guess which book? ??

One of the great questions of the 21st century is: What is the true nature of Islam? The popular message is that Islam is one of the great world religions, a peaceful religion, a foundation of world civilization, its Golden Age was the high point of history, and it preserved Western thought while we were in the Dark Ages.

The alternative message is that Islam is a brutal, backward, woman abusing, violent, intellectually narrow ideology that is out to annihilate civilization.

Which view is right…well let’s just look at some statistics.

Anti-Jew texts:

The Trilogy spends a lot of time on the Jews. In Mecca the mention is generally favorable. However, in Medina Jews were the enemy of Islam because they denied Mohammed as the final prophet. Here is the data on the Trilogy texts and the Jews. Notice that the Trilogy has more Jew hatred than Mein Kampf.


Source Word Count Percentage
Meccan Koran 960 0.99%
Medinan Koran 9282 16.9%
Total Koran 10242 6.7%
Sira 32,005 11.8%
Hadith 57,563 8.9%
Total 99,810
Trilogy Total 1,069,064
Grand Ratio 9.3%

Women’s status:


Statistics by Word Count

Reference Word Count % Koran
% Words
Positive 643 0.4% 5.3%
Equal 2,831 1.9% 23.5%
Negative 8,592 5.6% 71.2%
Totals 12,066
Neutral 5,413 3.6% 44.9%

Statistics by Verse Count

Reference # Verses % Verses
Positive 11 7.3%
Equal 38 25.2%
Negative 102 67.5%
Totals 151
Neutral 74


Reference Word Count Hadiths Percentage
Low 45,580 296 89.4%
Equal 3,509 33 10%
High 62 2 .06%
Totals 49,151 331
Neutral 68,543 434

And how about the rest of us…not Jews, not women…just the?Kafir?

Well we don’t escape the hatred either.

Kafir references:


Reference Word Count Percentage
Jews 57,563 8.9%
Jihad 132,315 21%
Christians 18,137 2.8%
Pagans 30,260 4.7%
Total Kafir in Hadith 238,275 36.9%
Hadith/Bukhari 645,745
Sira (prophet) 274,838
Koran 152,006
Total Trilogy 1,072,589
Meccan Koran 66,285 68.2%
Medinan Koran 31,287 57%
Total Koran 97,583 64%
Sira 221,343 81%
Hadith Kafir material 238,275 36.9%
Total Words 548,190 51%
Grand totals: Kafir / Trilogy = 548,190 / 1,072,589 = 51%


So, can anyone explain to me why we aren’t dealing with the anti-semitism, the misogyny and the racism inherent in?the?founding book of the cult of Islam?

Can anyone tell me why the liberal left are up in arms about perceived insults to women or poofs, but they apologise for or enable the misogyny, the homophobia, the hatred and the anti-semitism of Islam?

We don’t tolerate this sort of behaviour from anyone else. Why do we tolerate it from Islam?

Why does Susan Devoy stand for Muslims, who believe in this book but attack and denigrate others who are attacked and assailed by members of the faith of Islam?

These are facts; they are undeniable.


– Center for the Study of Political Islam