Imagine what we could do with half a million?

David Farrar posted about cost per viewer of some current affairs shows, a post that showed that Russell Brown’s latest incarnation of his mostly boring?show gets funding of over $500,000 per annum.

The viewer numbers are pretty appalling, even when you consider some revised figures.

Average viewers per episode (based on Nielsen data):

  • Q+A 99,000 ??No It?s 70,600?average?viewers?for the first play and a further 20,500 for the second play so 91,100?over the two plays.
  • The Nation 49,000 ??No it?s 22,900?average?viewers?for the?first?play on the?Saturday?and a?further?34,400 for the second play on Sunday so 57,300 total over the two plays.
  • Backbenches 25,400 ??No it?s 17,500 average?viewers?per episode?for the?first?play?and a?further?2,200 for the second play so 19,700 total over the two plays.
  • Media Take 1,900???No it?s 5,000?average?viewers?per episode (20 episodes) for the?first?run and a further 2,400 (13?episodes). As the last season wasn?t repeated in full you?can?t really add these two figures together.

My figures are from Neilsen data for late November/early December. I presume Mr Wallington has data for the entire year. It would be great if this was publicly available. I tried to get annual data off NZ on Air but they refused. I am of the view that they should publish average ratings for ever show they fund. ?

The differences between my data and Mr Wallington?s is minor for the first three shows. There is a larger difference with Media Take. But I am happy to accept these figures as accurate, but would welcome anyone with access to the data for the full year being able to independently verify it.

So the cost per viewer hour is out in every case.

Using Mr Wallington?s data, the cost per viewer hour would be:

So the cost per viewer hour is:

  • Media Take $6.51
  • Backbenches $1.54
  • The Nation $0.39
  • Q&A $0.23

I don?t think it impacts my conclusion.

Q+A and the Nation get about a million dollars a year…and each of them has fewer viewers than the number who read my site each day.

Media Take is simply an embarrassment…even at 5000 viewers per episode.

Farrar notes:

I have no issue with the quality of Media Take. But having said that I have not watched it on MTS. But when it was on other channels I did, and liked it. But I do have an issue with spending almost $500,000 a year on a show that has less viewers than a large blog gets by lunchtime every day.

Imagine what I could do with $500k of funding per annum. I’d sure as hell be a whole lot more effective than Russell Brown is, that is for sure.

One thing the pinkos are really good at is finding that government teat to suck off…and they dare criticise me for private funding.


– Kiwiblog