Internet Lawyer wants racist Maori law repealed

An [self described] electoral law expert is highlighting what he says are racist provisions in a New Zealand law that should be repealed.

It is an offence under the 1962 Maori Community Development Act to serve alcohol at a gathering of Maori people, and the act also gives Maori wardens the right to take car keys off or throw Maori out of bars.

Graeme Edgeler said while the provisions were probably not being enforced, they should not be on the lawbooks.

“I think the fact that the provisions exist is a problem in itself.

“I was particularly concerned that there were criminal offences still in New Zealand that only applied to Maori.”

All that sounds?great. ? With one exception. ?

Why isn’t Graeme Edgeler concerned about all the laws that provide Maori with advantage over non-Maori?

The Treaty itself would be a great example of this. ?Even though it is a partnership document, it splits the country into Maori and non-Maori. ?We even have a Maori electoral system, and so on.

Surely if this law is of such huge concern we should be removing ALL race-based law making from the books, including the provision of Whanau Ora, Maori Electorates, local council Maori Statutory Boards, Maori Land Courts, the Waitangi Tribunal, all references to tangata whenua, removal of the treaty from laws, dissolution of Maori Wardens, and the dissolution of Te Puni Kokri, Maori Television and all other race-based media.

There is over $233 million that can be saved by removing Vote Maori Affairs from?the?books.

Let’s end the racism, and get rid of the karakia, sprinkling of water and waving of fronds at every ground-breaking while we are at it. New Zealand is a multi-cultural society and preference of one race over others is unacceptable…we know this because Graeme Edgeler said so.

So let’s be consistent and have one law for all from all perspectives.