Maori Party grasps racist law recall idea with both hands

Is anyone surprised?

The Maori Party has thrown its support behind calls for legislation which discriminates against Maori to be changed.

The 1962 Maori Community Development Act deems it an offence to provide alcohol at a gathering of Maori people, and also gives Maori wardens the power to kick Maori out of bars or confiscate their car keys, Radio New Zealand reports.

A lawyer in Wellington, told RNZ he was concerned about the provisions and said they were racist and outdated.

Maori Party co-leader, Te Ururoa Flavell agreed with the sentiment and said that it pays to acknowledge how long ago the legislation was written, but it is in need of review.

“The circumstances in which it was written was back in the 1960s and the circumstances at the time were far and away different from what we experience now. I think the former minister recognised that, as did the Maori Affairs select committee, we believed it was about time to have a review and attempted to take out the parts that could be dealt with.”

I bet you that the Maori Party won’t want the apartheid legislation repealed where they are benefiting from it. ? As we’ve seen, Maori are doing well enough, even punching above their weight in general politics. ?There is no legislative need to have Maori seats.

But don’t expect this kind of honesty from the usual troughers – they want to have it all going their way. ?Laws which are bent in their favour, parliament that’s bent in their favour, and now, any law that can possibly be construed as less favourable to Maori than to others to be repealed.

All or nothing Mr Flavell. ? You shouldn’t get to cherry pick.


– 3 News