Septic Tank busted telling pork pies

The other day I lambasted Carmel Sepuloni, aka the “Septic Tank”, for her claims that reducing the number of people on benefits was bad.

She thought it was bad because she claimed there was no evidence about where they had “gone”.

Well, Lindsay Mitchell managed to find out…so why couldn’t Carmel?

Here’s the most recent publicly available?data under National:

Cancellations of Jobseeker Support Dec 2015 by reason

Shall we see what it looked like under Labour?

Cancellation of benefit reasons for 2001 to 2006

Under National, proportionately more people are leaving an unemployment benefit for work. And more is known, or shown or made public – take your pick – about the other reasons for leaving welfare.

Note: The National numbers are quarterly; the Labour numbers are annual.

To make matters worse, she was spinning this same lame line 6 months ago.

It looks like, despite the false claims of Carmel Sepuloni, the government is well aware of where people go when benefits are cancelled, and it has quite detailed information. What a pity the Media Party can’t find this information either, before running the press releases of the Labour Party.

The Media Party is either lazy or complicit or both.


– Lindsay Mitchell