What are Islamic leaders doing to address radical Islamism in NZ?

In November last year there was some media coverage of the airsoft-loving Islamist in Auckland, Mr Wiremu Curtis-Howard. Despite us?warning everyone about?him and his friends more than a year ago, the NZ Herald reporter seemed shocked that he would post support for Islamic State on Facebook or show off his weapons.

The report failed to investigate anything further than the shock value of his pictures. While our look into his background?is not much deeper an investigation, it does raise some more fundamental questions about the role that the Muslim community leadership has in addressing the problem of Islamism in New Zealand.

The Aucklander ?Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah? is also known as Wiremu Curtis and we?warned people about him more than a ?year earlier. He was wearing an ISIS hoody on the Sunday programme of 13 July 2014;


and proudly wore it again at the anti-Israel protests around the same time.harun1

Less than one month later he was wearing a purple ?Ask me, I?m a Muslim? ambassador t-shirt for Islam Open Day, an event organised by FIANZ.


We?also reported on some of the others who were also given purple FIANZ ambassador shirts for the day and have also ?liked? some of the disturbing imagery on his FaceBook page or posted their own, like these NZ-based accounts:

isis1 isis2

What hasn?t been reported, yet, is that ?Harun? is also part of a group who have a stall at the Pakuranga night market to proselytise Islam on behalf of the Masjid at-Taqwa.


The imam at that mosque is Sheikh Mohammad Anwar Sahib, a Salafi preacher, treasurer of the FIANZ Ulama Council (responsible to ?promote religious and educational advancement, to propagate and uphold Islam, and to educate and develop a true understanding of Islam amongst the New Zealand community etc?), and in 2013 he was a speaker at a Muslim conference that included controversial speakers. He has given sermons, published on YouTube, that include:

?…those who are the most severe enemies of Muslims are those who call themselves Jews and who are pagans…?,


?…if you have the belief that it?s OK to be Christian, OK to be a Jew, OK to be Hindu; everybody have their rights to be whatever they are and they will go to [heaven] then you are not a Muslim 100%…?.?

Aaron Zelin, of the Washington Institute, has identified other Jihadis in New Zealand, from Christchurch, Hastings and Auckland. A Hastings man, Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, and a Christchurch man, Aaron Michael Tauhuhu, have been profiled by the media already. Notably, these two and ?Harun? are all Maori converts to Islam.

The Mosque in Christchurch that Aaron attends has been linked to an al-Qaeda suspect and was funded by a $460,000 gift from the Saudi Kingdom [it seems to be returning more than our $12m sheep gift].

The FaceBook profile that was featured in the news was taken down shortly after Morgan Tait broke the story. Wiremu has started another page now, with similar (if not worse) images and the same friends.?Some screenshots below.

8186_141769366193915_5456117904842612264_n harun6 harun7 harun8

harun9 harun10

I presume our intelligence agencies are watching this bloke, but what is more concerning is the disconnect of our politicians and those pushing and promoting Islamism in New Zealand.

Last year the FIANZ president was invited to attend “The White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism” that was about working through strategies to take “concrete steps to counter hateful extremist ideologies that radicalize, recruit or incite to violence”.

What has FIANZ done in this regard other than endorse the Islamic State supporters as ambassadors? Wiremu Curtis-Howard is clearly celebrating the violence of Daesh, and yet there he is at FIANZ-sanctioned events proselytizing in the name of Allah.

After the White House conference, the FIANZ president also attended The Global Conference on Islam and Counter Terrorism. His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Tayeb gave a talk at that conference that made no mention of Daesh, but rather “blamed unrest in the region on a conspiracy by what he called ‘new global colonialism allied to world Zionism‘”.

How did the FIANZ president stand up to such hatred?

Dame Susan Devoy recently gave a talk at the Jewish Festival of Hannukah in which she said she was lucky to visit Mosques and Temples. She has also invited John Key to visit Mosques.

What has she to say about the videos of this cleric and this Mosque? Further, does she think there is a chance that she may not see the hate that’s preached because sermons might be modified when she is in the audience?

The UK is cracking down on hate preachers and so is France.??What is John Key doing about this in NZ?

Every single country in?the? world with Islamic immigration experiences problems. We are already seeing the demands for fences around state houses so pregnant Islamic women can sunbathe without exposing themselves, or safe places seperate from?the?rest of society for them to do the same. These people have come to our country and yet it is us who is having to change our way of life so they aren’t upset by our awful Western lifestyle.

There are serious concerns here, and it is only going to get worse. Wake up.