Is Larry Williams one of the last sensible people left at NewstalkZB?

Larry Williams isn’t buying the Media party lines regarding the government.

The latest polls show National Party support pretty much unchanged. The Morgan poll has National at 48.5 per cent.

The One News/Colmar Brunton poll has National at 47 per cent. Labour is at 27 per cent and 32 per cent respectfully.

Labour has attacked the Government on several fronts this year and got nowhere. Labour continues to flat line. It’s the result you get when you create disingenuous diatribe like the TPPA.

When you are perceived as not being sincere you have got a major problem. Such was the case with the TPPA, Waitangi, and free tertiary education – the major attack weapons Labour have rolled out this year.

The big education launch has slid from view due to their protest actions. They may as well have not launched it and no one has taken it onboard. It was touted as a game changer but the game hasn’t changed.

Andrew Little’s personal popularity – while not a “basket case” – shows that he has no “cut through” to the public. This is disastrous for Labour. The attack dog mentality is not working.

It isn’t his popularity that is the problem, it is his net approvals, which readers of INCITE: Politics will know are highly negative, against John Key’s which are highly positive.

Here’s the latest examples of Labour losing the plot: Little and Trevor Mallard are whining about Police Minister Judith Collins marching with police at the Pride Parade – saying it was “clear politicisation and totally inappropriate”.

No, no, no. It’s the Minister marching with the troops.

Meanwhile, Labour’s float in the pride parade featured the Tino Rangatiratanga flag!

Today, Little came up with a gem, attacking Richie McCaw for supporting the new flag in the referendum! I mean, seriously folks, you wonder why Labour is floundering?

Labour and Little are advised by the man who invented the fringe of fringe politics. That is where they are heading. Matt McCarten has killed more political parties than anyone else, and now he is busy smothering Labour.


– NZ Herald