Oh look, how inconvenient for Labour

Last year Andrew Little was stating that Labour’s focus was going to be on “jobs, jobs, jobs”. Grant Robertson is talking about the “Future of Work” and Andrew Little echoed that by talking about the rise of the robots…and nasty car washes.

Carmel Sepuloni thinks the statistics are wrong and calls for the government to be more transparent on job figures.

Grant Robertson even predicted that unemployment was going to balloon:

At the Select Committee Bill English appeared bewildered as to why unemployment is at 6%, higher than Australia, the US or the UK.?He had no explanation as to why he has been unable to get unemployment any lower than the 5.6% recorded last year. With unemployment set to head towards 7% in the coming year, it is reckless that the government still has no plan to address this.

Apparently the government isn’t doing enough on jobs…and employment.

But wait… ?

New Zealand unemployment unexpectedly fell to near a six-year low in the final three months of 2015 as people left a labour market flooded by strong migration and as employers took on more workers. The kiwi dollar initially jumped almost half a US cent.

The unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent in the December quarter from 6 percent three months earlier, according to Statistics New Zealand’s household labour force survey.

That’s the lowest level since March 2009, and came in below economists’ predictions for an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent. Employment grew 0.9 percent, slightly ahead of estimates, while the participation rate fell to 68.4 percent from 68.7 percent three months earlier.

“Although the number of employed people has risen, there was also growth in the number of people not participating in the labour market,” Diane Ramsay, labour market and households statistics manager, said in a statement.

“This has contributed to labour force participation falling for the third quarter in a row.”

Record inflows of migrants have kept the labour force expanding over the past year, helping limit wage growth in a benign inflation environment, even as employers complain about the difficulty of finding staff.

The working age population expanded 0.5 percent in the quarter to 3.66 million, for a 2.3 percent annual increase. At the same time, employment grew 1.3 percent in calendar 2015 to 2.37 million, while unemployment shrank 6.7 percent to 133,000.

Whoops, that’s their election strategy shot all to hell.

Their education policy is a dud and has sunk without a trace after being launched on Sunday. Alarm at rising unemployment and lack of job creation is now dead in the water.

That just leaves housing and attacks on Johnny Foreigner…pretty sad really.

?- NZ Herald